10 staple items everybody needs in their fridge

An empty fridge is a sad fridge. Before you head to your closest supermarket and inevitably forget some of the really important items, close your eyes, clear your mind and think back to a time when you had a fully stocked fridge. There were multicoloured bottles and jars and things you took for granted. Stocking a fridge with the staple items is a good safeguard to avoid takeaway food tendencies when you get home after work and will ensure you don’t head to the fridge for sauce only to be seriously disappointed.


Butter – This should be top of the list. It’s a necessity for your Bondi fridge rental. Keep it in the door for oiling pans, spreading on sandwiches and as an ingredient in many recipes. You can’t make good cookies, cakes or muffins without butter, that should be reason enough.


Mustard – This is one of those jars that sits on the top shelf or in the door of any well stocked fridge. Don’t ruin your next sandwich by forgetting to get mustard. Whether it be yellow, spicy, english, honey, dijon, horseradish or whole grain, there’s a mustard for every occasion and you need at least one jar in your fridge.


Tomato Sauce – No tomato sauce in the house will ruin your day nine times out of ten. Whether you’re eating a pie, making a burger, putting it on your sausages, with hot chips or using it to add flavour to a meal, tomato sauce is a necessity and one that can easily be overlooked on the list of foods to fill your Bondi fridge rental.


BBQ Sauce – Perhaps you’re not really a tomato sauce person, you’re more a BBQ dude. You put BBQ on everything, your burger, your sausage sandwich, your eggs, your steak, your cereal. Maybe not your cereal. If you’re team BBQ make sure you have some sitting in your fridge for sauce emergencies.


Eggs – They’re a complete meal and an ingredient for many recipes. Keeping eggs on hand will give you the answer to breakfast, lunch and even dinner when you’re feeling uncreative.


Marinades – When you’re accustomed to having a well-stocked fridge full of miscellaneous jars and containers it can be a shock when your new fridge is missing an ingredient you need to make dinner delicious- like that honey marinade you use on chicken or that mediterranean mixture you put on your lamb. When restocking a fridge from scratch, think about what you use to make meals flavoursome and make sure to get the marinades you need.


Soy sauce – This one’s a doozy. You’ve got some sushi and your mate says “Grab some soy sauce from the fridge!” You cringe at the words. Why? Because you know there’s no soy in the fridge. There would be in a well-stocked fridge. Alas, you didn’t get soy sauce and now your sushi is ruined.


Milk – Don’t forget milk! This is something that has to be replaced weekly but a well-stocked fridge should have some fresh milk. Unless you’re lactose intolerant, in which case you may want to stay stocked with Almond milk (it’s delicious).


Jam – Here’s another one of those jars that takes up space in the fridge at your parents place. While the humble jam jar may often be taken for granted, you’ll be happy you remembered it in the middle of Winter when you’re spreading it on your toast and drinking your tea.


Salad Dressing or Mayonnaise – We know that everyone doesn’t like mayonnaise. Some people love it. Keeping a salad dressing on hand in your Bondi fridge rental will make sure your next lunch or side dish doesn’t just taste “meh” it tastes amazing.


So before you go wandering through the supermarket aisles aimlessly searching for those staple items for your new Bondi fridge rental, make sure you take this list. It will save you from recipe ruin, bland blunders and sad sauce situations. Aceco’s Bondi fridge rentals make it easy for you– we have the delivery and the install covered– all you need to do is fill your new fridge with the must-haves. Simply give us a call and we will organise a new fridge for you when you need it.

By Lenay