5 Reasons Appliance Rental Saves you Money

Whether you’ve just moved house, woken up to a dishwasher as lifeless as the food scraps inside, or noticed the growing pile of dirty clothes threatening to form it’s own island in your laundry, getting your hands on the appliance that you need quickly and cost effectively is key. But before you head out to your local white goods retailer and give your credit card a workout, it’s worth considering a rental appliance.

Here’s five reasons why appliance rental may be the best option for you:

1. Appliance Rental is cheaper upfront

Big ticket white goods like dishwashers, refrigerators and dryers can really hit your hip pocket where it hurts. If you’ve recently paid a bond for your new place or been overrun with an onslaught of bills, finding the cash to cover a new refrigerator can be difficult, if not impossible. Appliance rental allows you to choose from a range of quality products and alleviates the need to find a large sum of cash on the spot. This can work especially well in house-share situations as the cost of an appliance, if not included in the rental agreement, can be shared as opposed to one housemate being saddled with it all.

2. Renting an Appliance helps narrow your options

If you’ve ever shopped for white goods before, you’ll be aware of just how enormous the range on offer can be. Narrowing it down to the exact make and model that you need, for the right price, can be an extremely time consuming process, especially if your room dimensions or other requirements make the choice tricky. If you do happen to find ‘the one’ you may then need to wait for it to be in-stock and for it to be delivered. You may also need to pay an extra delivery and installation fee. When you need an appliance RIGHT NOW, this isn’t always great news. Aceco Appliance Rental can make the process as quick and painless as possible. No weekends spent trawling the local home mega mart. Instead you simply choose from a range of quality appliances, at affordable prices and wait for your rental appliance to arrive. The team at Aceco offer after hours delivery (no waiting around first thing of a morning and missing the train to work) and will install your chosen appliance for you so that you’re up and running in no time – all free of charge.

3. Appliance Rental doesn’t need to be permanent

Are you currently living in the house you’re planning on staying in, long term? No? It can be rather frustrating to hand over a hefty sum of cash for an appliance, only to move 6 months later and find it doesn’t actually fit in your new place. Whether you suddenly find that you need a left hand opening fridge or a front loading washing machine, you’ll be saddled with both an unusable appliance AND the cost of a new one. Short term appliance rental means you get the appliance you need for right now, not in 12 months time, saving you time and money in the long run.

4. Share a Rental without the investment

If you’re living in a share house or flat, you’ll already be aware of the delicate balance that exists between housemates. There’s a fine line that needs to be tread between happy co-existence or the desire to flee quickly. If you’re the one who decides to buy a new washing machine to be installed in the shared laundry, you’ll be sharing your new washing machine with everyone else and their dirty laundry. Not only will that equal extra wear and tear on your appliance, it can also make things tricky should there be any damage or need for repair as the appliance belongs to you BUT is also being used by everyone else. By renting an appliance through Aceco Appliance Rental, you’ll avoid any issues. Renting an appliance means having the support of a company with resources to manage any issues upfront.

5. Rented Appliances don’t depreciate

White goods depreciate at a rapid rate. Their almost constant use means that wear and tear is a daily occurrence. If you’re short on cash and invest in the most affordable option or perhaps even something second hand, you’ll eventually be dealing with maintenance costs and will be out of pocket in the long run. By renting an appliance now as a stop-gap solution, either while you’re in transient housing or on a tight budget, you won’t be saddled with an aged appliance down the track when you might be living in your ‘forever’ home or be able to spend a little bit more on something that perfectly suits your needs.


Aceco Appliance Rental makes it easy to solve all your appliance rental needs quickly and easily. Find out more by visiting the Aceco Appliance Rental website or speak to a Customer Service Representative.

By Lenay