5 Tricks To Create Your Dream Laundry

Laundry rooms may lack the glamour of the kitchen, bathroom or living spaces – but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull or disorganised, even if you’re low on space and funds.

Putting a fresh spin on your laundry layout and furnishings can help you not only create a more beautiful space, but also save precious time. Our five easy tips on how to create your dream laundry and get better organised could help you revolutionise this often neglected part of the house.

5 Tricks to Create Your Dream Laundry

1. Revamp your white goods

One key way of giving your laundry room a fresh spin is to consider your white goods: are your washing machine and dryer a good fit for your household and lifestyle?  

If you’re low on laundry space, with a smaller household and fewer loads of washing in the average week, you might want to opt for a front loading washing machine. These tend to be smaller and more energy and water efficient.

create your dream laundry

Image source – how to build it

Front-loading washers can also be stacked with a dryer, potentially freeing up heaps of space in your laundry. Another space-saving idea you may like to consider is the handy old washer and dryer in one trick.

If you know you need a new washer or dryer, but want to cut costs given that you aren’t sure which model is right for you, you may like to rent a washing machine or dryer. Washing machine rental allows you to test a model you think may be right for you, without the hefty upfront costs of buying this must-have appliance outright. Consider it a handy ‘trial run’ for your dream laundry!

2. Make the most of limited space

If space is at a premium in your Sydney apartment, fear not: a huge range of storage hacks can help you utilise every spare inch, and the laundry is no exception. When facing a laundry room that’s low on floor space, one solution is to take advantage of height through countertop shelving or installing closed shelves above and around your white goods.

Save floor space by embracing hanging. Consider a hanging ironing board or a pegboard for your broom, dustpan, mop and other cleaning appliances – even spray bottles and washing baskets (properly stacked first, of course) can be hung!

Be creative when it comes to making the most of your space. The back of your laundry door could present a storage solution, for example. Add in a few wire shelves and you’ve created the perfect, easily accessible home for your various cleaning agents, rags and paper towels.

3. Think about the workflow

Streamline your laundry layout to save time and energy by considering the three key zones you need in this room: an area for dirty clothes, for clean clothes, and for your own working space when folding or sorting laundry.

This working space should ideally be located near the dryer. You can also lessen your ironing workload by installing drying racks – even folding or collapsible versions – nearby, so you can hang clothes as soon as they’re dry. Having them upright will prevent creases and keep your laundry tidy. Stock up on spare coat hangers and S-hooks in your laundry for maximum efficiency.

Ensure that everything has a logical, accessible spot: laundry detergent next to the washing machine, for instance, and fabric softener beside the dryer. Within your laundry cupboard, cabinet or shelving unit, put products you use frequently at the front, and label any unmarked containers, bottles and other bits and pieces. You may also like to pin up a chart of easy solutions to common clothing stains.

4. Colour me happy

Even if ultra-modern steel chrome surfaces or high-end marble splashbacks are beyond your budget, incorporating colour accents can be a simple yet dramatic way to revamp your laundry.

create dream laundry

Image source – Walls Under Construction

A light colour palette will create a fresher, cleaner feel and help make a compact space seem bigger. A fresh lick of paint to the laundry walls or any cabinets can make a huge difference.

If you’re installing additional shelves or cabinets, closed storage areas will maintain a tidier look and more balanced colour scheme in your laundry. Alternatively, a cheaper option could be to create a makeshift curtain using a pretty fabric to hide shelves and any unsightly laundry supplies.

Another way to add a splash of colour is placing a rug beneath the sink, particularly if it’s prone to splashing. Then there’s the ironing board: if you’re not a fan of its aesthetic, why not make your own ironing board cover out of some affordable yet funky fabric?  

5. The finishing touches

Creating a dream laundry room requires attention to the finer details. With a fun DIY approach, this doesn’t mean you need to fork out the big bucks.

Consider keeping a pretty bowl or jar near the washing machine to store any pocket contents – lipsticks, pens, and other common culprits – as well as a small bin to get rid of any tissues and lint.

For a pretty, elegant look, get rid of the clutter of various packets of washing detergent and stain removers by instead storing these powders and liquids in clear glass jars. This also makes it easier to know when you need to restock these items.


Having the right washing machine can save you time, energy and money. If you’d like to know more about washing machine rental, or discuss one of our rental options, contact the team at ACECO today. With free delivery and installation, our rental washing machines could be the laundry hack you’ve been waiting for.

By Lenay