DIY cleaning products for your household rental appliance

Laundries and kitchens are often havens for accumulated dirt and grime; think lint, leftover food and that strange substance stuck to your microwave tray. Sometimes a decent clean of your household rental appliances is necessary. Whether you’ve been proactive, regularly wiping down surfaces and and cleaning out filters, or a little more ‘head in the sand’ in your approach, there are a number of easy, eco-friendly ways to restore the sparkle to your household rental appliances.

DIY cleaning products are a great option for general household maintenance. Not only are they cheaper than their commercial counterparts, they’re also better for the environment and can be tailored to meet your needs (and even your fragrance preferences!). Give one of these a whirl when you’ve next pulled on the rubber gloves. You’ll probably be surprised how well they work!

Vinegar + Bicarb = DIY washing machine rinse

Whether you’re renting a front or top-loading washing machine, the inside barrel can get pretty mucky. You are throwing load after load of dirty clothing in after all! To give the insides a good clean, use white vinegar and bicarbonate soda to remove dirt and disinfect.
For a top loader, run a hot wash cycle and once the machine is filled, pour in 1/2 cup bicarbonate of soda and 2 cups of white vinegar and let the cycle run through as normal.
For a front loader, add 2 tablespoons of bicarb to the detergent drawer and 1/2 cup white vinegar into the drum then run a hot cycle through the machine.
It’s also a good idea to remove the fabric softener dispenser and wash in hot, soapy water to remove mould or build up which can cause your machine to stop working efficiently. Doing this regularly will also keep your household rental appliance in tip top condition for when it’s returned to us here at Aceco.

2. Water + Vinegar + Soap + Essential Oil = Natural fridge cleaner

Your fridge can become more crime scene than food storage vessel if not managed correctly. Regular clean outs, especially in shared living spaces, is essential for keeping this household rental appliance mould and mush free. Steer clear of chemicals and clean inner and outer fridge surfaces using a mixture of 2 cups water, 1 cup white vinegar, 2 tsp dish soap and 10-20 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Simply shake together in a spray bottle and spritz onto surfaces, wiping clean with a Chux cloth.

You can also ban bad smells from lurking by creating a homemade deodorizer. Mix 2 cups baking soda with 20-30 drops of a citrus based essential oil in a small jar. Pop into the back of your fridge and replace every few months. Your housemates (and home appliance rental company!) will thank you!

3. Lemon + Water + Chux = Easy microwave cleanser

If you’ve ever managed to overcook rice in the microwave, you’ll know exactly how much of a mess it can make. The microwave plate often cops the worst of the damage and while this can be popped in the dishwasher, remnants of rice often remain. The easiest way to clean your microwave, without the need for chemicals is by simply using a lemon! Choose a large, juicy piece of fruit, cut and squeeze the juice into a microwave safe container with a bit of water in it. Add the rest of the lemon, pop into the microwave and switch on for a couple of minutes. The lemony scented steam produced will completely lift off accumulated dirt and grime meaning all you need to do is wipe over surfaces with a clean chux cloth. Easy peasy!

4. Eucalyptus + Water + White Vinegar = Chemical Free Multi-purpose spray

If the outside of your fridge or dryer is less than sparkling, a solution made up using ¾ cup water, ½ cup white vinegar and 15-20 drops of eucalyptus oil and spritzed onto surfaces will work a treat. This DIY multi-purpose spray is also fantastic for kitchen benches and bathroom basins as it cleans and disinfects due to the antibacterial properties in with eucalyptus. Make up a batch of this spray and give all of your household rental appliances a good wipe down before returning them to us here at your home appliance rental company (don’t forget, we collect your appliance for free when your rental period is up!)

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By Lenay