Do I need a top or front loading washing machine rental?

At Aceco Rentals we understand that washing machines aren’t everyone’s area of expertise. Lucky for you we know all about them and we have reduced the fear associated with long-term commitment by offering washing machine rental options at affordable prices.

The great debate surrounding front loading vs top loading machines has plagued the nation for years and it’s all a bit confusing really. Aceco has sought to answer all of your questions before deciding on which washing machine rental is right for you.

Do you often drop a sock on the laundry walk? (We do.)

For those times that you start the wash only to realise you have dropped multiple items on the way, or left your favourite shirt on the bathroom floor, a top loading machine could be for you. A top loader can be opened mid-wash to throw in forgotten items while a front loading machine’s door will lock after the wash starts and can only be opened once a cycle has finished.

Do you want it done right now, if not sooner?

If you want your washing done quickly a top loader washing machine rental could be the right choice. While a front loader can save on water, the full washing cycles do take more time than a top loading machine.

Detergent deterrent.

While top loaders can use any kind of laundry detergent a front loader requires a low sudsing powder or liquid with high efficiency. While this is not a big problem if you choose a front loading washing machine rental, you will need to pay attention on your next grocery run that you pick the right laundry powder, or there could be a very foamy wash on the horizon (or a machine requiring repair).

Do you want to save on rental costs?

Front loading washing machine rentals cost more to rent due to installation and servicing costs. If you want to save even more, take advantage of Aceco’s washer dryer combo prices.

Do you wash enormous loads of clothes on the regular?

If you’re washing bed linen, lots of clothes and upholstery covers regularly then a top loading machine is for you. They generally have a larger capacity to wash big loads and you won’t have to do multiple washes to get through all your linen.

Do you have the space to stack?

If you are space-poor or have a small internal laundry then a front loading washing machine rental could be for you. Just like a heavy duty game of Jenga, you can stack a dryer on top of a front loading machine and save on space. A front loading machine will require more frequent cleaning in order to avoid the mildewy smell associated with water trapped in crevices from being housed vertically.

Do you want to be more frugal with H2O?

Front loading machines use less water than top loaders. If you like to live green and conserve water, without compromising on the cleanliness of your clothes, a front loader washing machine rental is the best choice for you.


So are you team front loader or top loader? Now that you know the facts call us today to organise your rental. We offer affordable, flexible, long and short-term options and we have taken out the hassle by offering a free delivery and installation service. Should you change your mind (or address) we can swap your washing machine rental to suit you!

By Lenay