Popular Sydney Appliance Rentals

Sydney is a city with amazing suburbs and location with easy access to the city and the beaches. Whether you’re living on the Northern Beaches in Dee Why, on the North Shore in Mosman, or in the Eastern Suburbs in Bondi, which are popular suburbs for renters in Sydney and due to the rental process, sometimes renting appliances such as a fridge renal or washing machine rental is popular due to how affordable it can be.

Here’s the top three appliance rentals in Sydney:

1. Frost-free Fridges


Frost-free fridges give you an easy to use appliance and you can forget trying to share costs with house mates. You can get the best fridge rental in Sydney for as little as $35 per month.

2. Front Loader and Top Loader Washing Machines

Front LoaderNot every rental property in Sydney comes with a washing machine. In fact, some rental properties don’t have a laundry at all. Which is why choosing from a top-loader or Front Loader washing machine for as little as $25 per month is a popular choice.

3. Dryers


Even though Sydney is a sunny city, there will be times when you need your clothes dry and fast. With access to a dryer for as little as $20 per month this can be an easy choice.


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By Geoff Lenay