Sharing a house with friends + rental appliances = :)

These days, with house prices making it nearly impossible for first time buyers, people are choosing to live in shared accommodation for longer than ever before. And it’s not just students who are doing it – young professionals who aren’t ready to buy, but don’t want to stay living with Mum and Dad, are also sharing a house with friends long after they’ve left university.

We supply rental appliances for flat shares all over Sydney. Whether you’re living with friends, like Monica and Rachel, or have moved in with total strangers (cue Phoebe), sharing your living quarters and household items can create problems – even if you are all great friends. But there is a way around it… renting appliances is a great way to take the headache out of life in a share house!

sharing a house with friends

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Rental appliances are the cheaper option upfront.

Contrary to what popular television will lead you to believe, moving into a share house requires a pretty big outlay of cash. From the months of rent that need to be paid in advance and the security bond, to furnishing your bedroom and the communal areas in the house. Renting your home appliances can lift a significant burden from those upfront costs, and also protect you in the future – if your appliance breaks down, you won’t be left forking out hundreds of dollars on repairs. If you rent an appliance for your share house with ACECO, we take care of any maintenance issues and if the problem is significant, we’ll replace your item quickly and at no cost to you.

Renting your fridge, washing machine, or microwave is also a great way to keep things fair financially and save share house stress. Rather than one person owning the appliances (it would be one of the Gellar siblings), the costs can be shared easily between housemates. Simply add the monthly amount in with your other household bills, and everyone can contribute equally.


Avoid the laundromat.

Coin laundries are a lifesaver when you’re travelling, but they’re definitely not a solution for your day to day laundry needs. Who has time to sit in a laundromat for a few hours every week, watching their items go round and round under those awful fluorescent lights? Those industrial machines sure do get your clothes clean, but they can create massive wear and tear on your items. Even financially, it doesn’t really make sense… For the same $15 per week you and your housemates spend at the laundromat you could rent a washer dryer combo for your home – even Joey could afford that! Sharing a house and a rental appliance means you don’t ever need to interrupt your life to do washing. Put a load on, head down to Central Perk for a coffee, and come back without the fear of finding your items damaged or stolen.


Easy come, easy go.

If there’s one thing we know about flat sharing, it’s that things can change pretty quickly. Whether your landlord suddenly decides to sell the house from under your feet, or your new housemate decides to move in with their boyfriend (we’re looking at you Chandler and Monica!), there are plenty of reasons why you might need to move out sooner than you had planned! When things go wrong in a share house, there can be many complex lease issues that you find yourself dealing with. Luckily, with rental appliances from ACECO, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in a bad situation. We’re as flexible as you are – we offer short term rental periods, and if you need to move house we’ll take care of transporting your appliances to your new place, for free.


Over 15 years in the business, we’ve helped make life less stressful, and less expensive, for many people living in share houses. If you’re looking for a flexible, short term fridge or washing machine rental, we have just what you need. With free delivery and installation, it couldn’t be easier. Call us or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

By Lenay