Short-Term Fridge Rental, made easy

Short-term fridge rental can be easy when you know the facts.

Renting your home appliances can not only save you upfront costs but also protect you in the future. For example, if your appliance breaks, you won’t have to pay to fix it or buy a new fridge or appliance. Well, at least not if you use AceCo Appliance Rentals, we take care of any maintenance issues and if the problem is significant, we’ll even replace your item quickly and at no cost to you.

Another great advantage to renting your appliances is that you can even update to a new model every year if you wish!

Renting your fridge is also a great option if you’re renting and sharing a house. Instead of one person owning the appliances and leaving with them at any moment, you can share the costs of renting your appliances. In fact, this is a very common move by many renters in the Sydney area. You even get to choose for the range of reputable appliance brands including LG, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Simpson, Daewooand Samsung that we supply to people all over Sydney.

fridge rental

Here are 3 tips for Short-Term Fridge Rental

1) Simple Terms of Service

Make sure the appliance rental company you use has a simple contract and no hidden costs. Always check the length of the contract, what options you have if something breaks and your repayments. Typically you may find the cost of renting your appliances lower if you take out longer contracts. If you take this option make sure you know what happens when the contract ends.

You can see an example of the difference in costs here.

2) Free Delivery

Your next focus is saving costs on the small things such as delivery and pick up of your fridge rental. These costs can easily add up and take away from the purpose of renting appliances in the first place.

Look for companies such as AceCo in your local area who make delivery and collection of your appliance 100% free and organise a time that best to suits you.


3) Support

Having the piece of mind that if something goes wrong, you can get support and help immediately.

Make sure the company you use has a number that you can call at any time with a problem and more importantly that you know will help you solve the problem.

You can see the level of support we offer here as an example.

By Geoff Lenay