The 5 things to do before returning your rental fridge

If time has been called on your short term contract and it’s time to bid farewell to your fridge rental, it may be tempting to simply shut the kitchen door and await our free collection service . Goodbye’s are hard after all and chances are good that you and the rental fridge have shared some great moments together. It’s fitting then that you give the ole’ faithful a proper send off to their new short term owners. Added bonus? Your appliance rental company will be forever appreciative.

Call us for a collection time

Our Fridge Rental service comes with free delivery and collection. For us to be able to work in with you best, call us to organise the collection time in advance. It gives us the chance to make sure our paperwork is settled and the delivery drivers can be en route to you with no dramas at your convenience!

Inspect your rental fridge for any damage

Hopefully you’ve managed to keep your rental fridge in tip top shape while it’s been living at your home. It’s always a good idea to inspect your rental appliance at the time of delivery to ensure that’s in complete working order. Noting down any minor imperfections (scratches, dings) and letting us know if something isn’t quite right ensures that we are all on the same page and aware of the specifics of your rental fridges’ condition. It also allows you to compare the product at the end of your lease period to how to looked at the beginning. Have a look for dents and scratches on both the interior and exterior of the fridge. Check out the shelves, inside lights and be sure to check the seals. If you’ve kept an eye on your fridge throughout your lease, chances are good you won’t come across any surprises.

Prepare your rental fridge to be moved

It may sound like a no brainer but you’d be surprised at the times we’ve turned up to find a completely full rental fridge that’s apparently ready to be removed. Emptying your fridge of any remaining food, defrosting the freezer and unplugging your appliance from the power are the three essentials that need to be done before we can remove your rental. We can organise a time with you for collection when the fridge is most likely at its emptiest (usually before grocery shopping day) to make things easier.

Cleaning your rental fridge

To put it politely, the humble fridge can get pretty grotty. It’s a hardworking appliance that’s in use 24/7 AND in constant contact with food. Spills, explosions and the odd mouldy carrot often make themselves at home in your fridge. While regular cleaning of your rental fridge is ideal, you wouldn’t be the first person to drop the ball. Give your fridge a once over prior to returning it. To make things even easier, check out our DIY cleaning products, all made from ingredients you most likely have lying around the kitchen. The best bit? They’re much cheaper and far more eco-friendly than their commercial counterparts.

Clear the way

Because we like to make your life easier, we’ll arrange for your rental fridge to be picked up (it’s all part of the our fridge rental service) at no extra charge. While our fridge removal experts are pretty nifty with a trolley, clearing a path from your front door to the kitchen is always appreciated. Dodging boxes, piles of shoes or the family cat isn’t always as funny as it might sound. While you certainly don’t need to go crazy, shifting larger items that may impede our progress is always appreciated.

For more information on short term fridge rental and all your appliance rental needs, contact us at Aceco today. We pride ourselves on offering genuine service, value for money and great quality products to suit your busy lifestyle.

By Lenay