Home Appliance Rentals

Having an appliance at home makes all the difference.

Cut out the inconvenience of heading to the Laundromat to do your washing and hire an appliance! Whether it’s a fridge, washing machine, dryer or microwave, at Aceco Appliance Rentals, we’ve got you covered.


We carry a range of reputable appliance brands including LG, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Simpson, Daewoo and Samsung that are expertly serviced and maintained. We operate a family run business that has serviced the Sydney appliance rentals market for over 15 years, with a growing number of happy customers.

Easy terms of service.

Appliance rental companies can be confusing with their terms of service, looping you into long-winded contracts and stressful obligations leaving you feeling ready to avoid signing anything and head in to purchase. There’s no need to whip out the wallet just yet – we can break it down for you into easy terms of service and deliver for free! There are no hidden costs with Aceco appliance rentals, or it wouldn’t be value for money.

Free delivery.

The next hurdle is getting what you need at a time that suits you. It’s no good to you to save money on hiring an appliance when you have to sacrifice a day on the job to wait for it to arrive. We understand that life can get crazy and work with you to find a time that suits to have your appliance delivered.

The same goes for when you wish to conclude your service with us. Collection of your appliance is 100% free and able to be coordinated to suit you.

Local family based business.

We run a family based business, which focuses on providing support and excellent service to our customers. At Aceco Rentals, we are proud to say we care about our customers. We want to make it easy to have the convenience of appliances, without the upfront retail price tag.

We have a full time support team to help you with any concerns you have with your hired appliance and are able to work with you to get the best out of your service.

Keep it convenient.

Moving somewhere short term could have you thinking you have to sacrifice some of the creature comforts of your last home. Why not have it all and organise a short-term loan on your appliances to save the hassle of purchase, moving them and potentially selling them down the track.

The hardest part of moving house is always the white goods – their weight, bulk and inability to be laid flat in some cases can make it near impossible. Being able to change your appliance hire options to suit your rented apartment means always having the right sized white goods and no ‘fridges in the hallway’ situations.

Maybe your last place had white goods included in the lease, but your new place doesn’t and you aren’t willing to purchase just yet.

Bide your time – without wasting hours at the laundromat.