Dryer Rentals

3 months $25 per month

6 months $20 per month

Combo pricing with Washing Machine

3 months $17 per month

6 months $15 per month



Moving to Sydney on secondment through the winter months? Do you have a short lease while you look around for somewhere more permanent to live? Have you moved into a new place without a clothesline? At Aceco, we’re here to help…


A Dryer can be a lifesaver

The cooler climate in Sydney’s winter can make it difficult to get your bed linen and towels dry. Looking for a short-term solution with flexible terms that provides you the convenience of a dryer rental – without the buy in? Aceco Rentals have the solution for you!


A dryer could be considered a luxury item, but living in an apartment in Sydney, it makes it near impossible to get your clothes and linen dry for days, while you’re apartment looks like a laundry. Finding a good value solution that offers you quality brand options and no fuss after hours delivery is as simple as A-C-E-C-O! Avoid having to come home to what looks like a textile factory and throw your washing in the dryer. It’ll keep your laundry space clear (we all know how hard storage is to come by) and gives you the chance to keep on top of the washing around your busy work schedule.

Short Term Dryer Rentals

Do you have a clothes horse in every corner? Do you have sheets hanging across dining chairs and open doorways? Sharing a clothes line in Sydney apartment blocks can be near impossible, especially through the winter months when the light goes before you get home. Getting your linen dry doesn’t have to be hard work. Organise a flexible 3 month dryer rental to get you through the impossible Sydney winter.

The added bonus is, in smaller apartments, the heat from the dryer while running can act as a heater to the whole apartment. Call us to keep you dry on 9817 0292 to discuss your requirements.

Dryers delivered to your door

Alternatively, you might be battling with the unpredictable summer storm season and want to keep your clothes and sheets inside to get dry. Look out the window to the beautiful summer morning sunshine and by midday the sky is looking as grey as can be. No need to stress about getting home in a hurry or calling your neighbour or flatmate to grab your sheets off the line. Have a contingency plan and hire a dryer! No one can read the future, so stop checking the weather forecast everyday and make life more convenient.

Are you sick of the Laundromat? Run out of good books to get you through it? Why not have your clothes dry in the comfort of your own home. It seems silly to spend money on going out to dry your clothes – by the time you head out the door, down the street and to the Laundromat to sit there waiting for your washing, you could have done something else. Don’t jump in your car and lug around your wet washing for everyone to see – rent a dryer from Aceco Appliance Rental. With over 15 years in the industry, we know it’s the convenience factor that you are looking for when hiring an appliance. Choose the best value for money in the business and call 9817 0292 to speak to our team now.