Areas Served

Aceco provide appliance rentals to the broader Sydney Metro area. Whether you are in the Inner West, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs or up on the Northern Beaches, we offer free delivery and installation of your hired items, and collection too!

Why rent your appliances?

Have you considered the savings you make in renting your appliances from Aceco? If you aren’t in a permanent position, purchasing big ticket white goods can leave your wallet feeling a little bit sad. If you aren’t in the spot to outlay retail appliance prices, you don’t have to sacrifice the convenience of having a washing machine in house.

Hiring your appliances for the short term saves upfront purchase price, as well as the delivery charge, installation cost or personal time taken to install, maintenance costs, the stress of selling the appliance at a later date – not to mention hauling it around when you move house.

Don’t put your back out and stretch your friendships hauling white goods up flights of stairs – employ a great local Sydney appliance hire company to help with the hard stuff.

Who to hire from?

Hiring an appliance from a Sydney Metro based company means that there is always help just around the corner. With excellent service ratings from your neighbours, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Our appliance removalists are prepared for staircases and have the appropriate equipment to deliver and install your appliances without causing any damage to the surfaces in your apartment (your bond will be thanking you that you called us!).

The same goes for the removal of the appliance – the job is so much easier for someone with the right aids to get the job done safely for your apartment, the appliance, and everyone’s backs.

Renting an appliance for an apartment

Living in an apartment can make everything in life a little bit easier – no lawn to maintain, less cleaning, you might not even have to take your rubbish bin to the sidewalk! Apartment living also means smaller spaces and thoughtful use of what little space you do have.

Hiring a fridge or washing machine to suit the space you are currently living in is a great way to avoid being tied into a specific sized machine that you may need to up or downgrade when you next move. When you hire an appliance through us, it’s as simple as picking up to phone to make the switch to a more appropriate product during the move.


Support for your appliance rental

What about if something goes wrong with your hired appliance? Call us as soon as you notice the problem – night or day – and we will solve your problem as soon as we can. We have reliable service people on staff who are ready to help. We can also talk you through a couple of checks over the phone to see if we can’t help you in the interim.

In the event of a larger or more permanent issue with the appliance, we will collect the old one and deliver a suitable replacement as soon as we can to avoid any inconvenience for you. We all know that these things happen at the worst possible time, so will be ready to act promptly.

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Not many companies are able to provide such service and maintain great value for money for their customers. We are proud to be able to offer excellent products and cost effective solutions to our Sydney customers.