5.5kg - 7kg Front Load Washing Machine Rental

3 months $48 per month

6 months $45 per month

Dryer pricing

3 months + $17 per month

6 months + $15 per month

5.5kg Top Load Washing Machine Rental

3 months $28 per month

6 months $25 per month

Dryer pricing

3 months + $17 per month

6 months + $15 per month


3 months $38 per month

6 months $32 per month


Rent a Washing Machine

A washing machine can be a big investment upfront. Especially for the reputable brands that are industry heavyweights. Take the guesswork out of buying the appliance, and rent through Aceco Appliance Rentals – your local washing machine rental experts.

We make renting a Washing Machine easy

The choice between a top loader and a front loader is personal – with many of our customers having a particular preference for one or the other. We have a range of good quality washing machines for you to choose from well-known reputable brands.

We rent washing machines on flexible terms to suit you. Whether you require a short-term loan, a small or large machine, a front loader or top loader – we have something to suit you. Call us on 9817 0292 now to discuss the best option for you.


We stock washing machines from a range of brands that are household names, brands such as LG, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Simpson, Daewoo and Samsung. We support these brands as they offer excellent durability and value for money – which we can then pass on to you. We’ve hired appliances to Sydney citizens for over 15 years and know that the quality of our washing machine rental products, coupled with our customer support, aren’t standard to the industry. We go above and beyond to ensure the convenience of having rented an appliance through Aceco is a stress free experience.

There are two options you can choose from when you choose to hire a washing machine:

Front Loader

A front loader washing machine is stackable with a dryer to complete your laundry needs. These machines are more water efficient and energy efficient. They tend to save space as they can be installed in kitchens, not needing to have a laundry in the apartment. Once a load has commenced, the door is sealed and will not be able to be opened until the cycle finishes. This can be frustrating to some as cycles tend to run longer on front loading machines. These machines are heavier and more expensive to rent due to installation and servicing costs.

Top Loader

A top loading washing machine requires a defined space next to a drainage outlet. These machines have shorter cycles, but use more water to get the same job done as a front loader. These machines are lighter and cheaper to rent, as they are cheaper to install and service. Washing cycles can be interrupted to add items at a later date to the same cycle (there’s always something we forget!), which can be useful. A top loading washing machine is not able to have a dryer placed on top of it, as it would close off the ability for use. Unless you are able to wall mount a dryer in your apartment, to hire a dryer you will require floor space to store it.

As you can see there are benefits to both machines so the choice really is your own, and the limits of your laundry space. For any extra information or further recommendations, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff and get the ball rolling on hiring a washing machine. Call us now on 9817 0292 to organise your product and a free delivery time that suits you.

Hiring a Top Loader Washing Machine

A top loading washing machine often has the capacity to wash larger loads with general KG ratings being higher. If you have a large family or lots of linen to wash frequently, they can be a great option, as they tend to run larger. If you wanted to hire for the period of the summer months it works well to handle the extra washing that accumulates such as beach towels, guest’s linen and generally using more items of clothing in the warmer months.

Generally speaking, top loading washing machines are less water efficient and can be noisier than front loaders while running. They tend to take up more space and can’t be stacked with a dryer on top, so if you wanted a dryer as well, it will need to be wall mounted or have its own place somewhere on the floor (a luxury that living in an apartment can limit).

The bonus with a top loader is you are able to open the lid mid cycle for the odd sock that inevitably falls out. We’ve all been there – just put on the load with everything in it so our tiny apartment laundry can finally be tidy and there’s a rogue item that’s fallen on the floor on the wash down the hall. With a top loading washing machine, the cycle can be interrupted to add in your item – meaning no more odd socks.

Top loading washing machines are cheaper to install and maintain. This brings down the rental cost on these items, making them the most affordable option.

Hiring a Front Loader Washing Machine

A front loading washing machine is more water efficient and tends to be more energy efficient too. These machines can quieter while in use.

Perfect for Sydney apartment living, a front loading washing machine can be stacked with a dryer on top to fit in tight spaces. With limited clothes line space and temperamental weather, it can be truly testing when you get home from the end of the day and your sheets are hung across door ways and there’s a clothes horse in every corner. With the capacity to have a dryer stacked above the washing machine, it’s a space conscious decision to go with renting a front loading washing machine.

A front loader generally takes longer to complete a load – on an average setting it’s about 90 minutes. This can cause some frustration to some people. You aren’t able to have any late additions to a washing load as once the load has commenced, the door is sealed until the load has cycled through (we’ve all wondered where the odd socks go, this is generally where the rabbit hole starts.)

Front loading washing machines are very heavy due to a concrete weight in the base. This allows for the movement of the spin cycle, without the machine jumping around. Without the centre agitator, they are considered more delicate on clothing, without sacrificing on the cleanliness of the load.

The weight of a front loading washing machine, makes renting one more expensive. These machines are more difficult to install and service, so are priced at a higher rental rate.