3 months $20 per month

6 months $15 per month


Rent a Microwave

Do you get home late and need a quick dinner? Nothing makes life easier than a microwave. Defrosting frozen foods safely in a hurry, reheating leftovers or even microwave dinners can make those busy evenings far less stressful. Enjoy more free time in the evenings by hiring a microwave from Aceco Appliance Rentals, for a low cost and flexible way to eat on the fly.

Microwaves offer a quick and easy way to cook and reheat food on the fly – perfectly suited to your busy lifestyle. From oats on chilly winter mornings, heating the milk for your morning coffee, reheating leftovers, steaming vegetables and cooking rice, microwave technology has come a long way – all in the effort of making life more convenient.


Make food faster!

Renting a microwave is an incredibly cost effective way to have the convenience of fast food, without the need to purchase one at retail value. We can arrange delivery to you at a time that suits you, completely free of charge. There’s no point in microwave rentals as a cost effective solution if it costs you a small fortune to get it delivered and installed. Let us take care of the hard stuff and get you cooking. Call us on 9817 0292 to have your microwave delivered ASAP.

Expanding your Family?

Wouldn’t normally use a microwave, but you have just had a baby? When it gets to those first food moments, nothing works faster than a microwave to get baby fed fast for a tired mummy. Steaming veggies, reheating food,


Before you think you are miles off that stage, what about bottle sterilisation? You could buy a bottle steriliser or separate benchtop appliance that will sit in a cupboard when you’re done, or you could hire a multi purpose microwave! Get your dummies, bottles, teats and pump tools sterile in minutes at the touch of a button – without the upfront purchase, and continued use of space. Why purchase an appliance you’ll use for a few short months, when you can hire a microwave that covers all your bases and has your babies needs fulfilled!

Keep it simple as a tired mummy and have your hired microwave rentals delivered at a convenient time for you and collected on completion of your flexible hire period. Call us now on 9817 0292 to have your baby cooking and sterilising needs handled in the short term in a multi use way.

Busy lifestyle? Why not cook in advance?

Spending a lot of time in the office or the gym? Busy with life and extra curricula’s? Why not cook in advance and freeze your meals to eat for the week. Cooking in advance means you can prepare you week and at the touch of a button have a hot home cooked meal to eat – with only one days inconvenience. Hire a microwave and pre cook your meals and you will free up time through the week. Hiring an appliance is all about convenience so to make your meals less of a burden call 9817 0292 to organise delivery of your microwave.