Inner West Appliance Rentals

Are you living on the Inner West and looking for an appliance rentals company that will drop off your rented fridge at a time that suits you? Enter Aceco Rentals – your local appliance rentals company – who offer excellent service to make your life more convenient.

Have you just moved into a property without appliances and need a fridge fast? Do you live by yourself or in a share house temporarily and need an economical solution for the space in the kitchen that works now, but might change? Are you looking to avoid the commitment of owning a fridge due to your changing work arrangements and lifestyle?


Short Term living arrangements?

Moving somewhere short term means a lot of effort for a short time frame. You might be moving to trial a job, be on work placement over the summer holidays, working a secondment position, or just a short-term kind of person. In any situation, it’s stressful to get the practical appliances you need at a value for money price without the upfront outlay of your hard earned cash. Now is where you ask yourself if you really need to buy your appliances, or would you be better off renting? Rent a fridge, microwave, washing machine or dryer to get you through your short term arrangements and save yourself the hassle of the purchase, moving and installing the appliance, selling at a later date, transporting the appliance, or moving the appliance to your new place to find out it doesn’t fit in the allocated space.

Found a new place to live?

If you aren’t using a professional removalist company, we will have your appliances moved to their new home – free of charge, at the hands of an experienced appliance removalist. It can be tricky to rally friends to move heavy items, so this service is there to provide a safe way to get the heavy items from A to B without hurting your back or the walls and floors in either residence. Some people even opt out of removalists on account of this service, saving them money on hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting of their hired whitegoods.


Moving house can be an expensive time – paying out bond and paying removalists or hiring a van and doing it yourself, getting your services re established and internet reconnected – it can cost a small fortune. Don’t stretch your friendships by asking your mates to help you lift appliances down stairs (save them for the sofa!) and have us organise the movement of your appliances.

No need to spend upfront on appliances you might not need in the long run – call your Northern Beach appliance rental specialist at Aceco for excellent customer service – offering excellent value for money and flexible terms. Call now to organise delivery on 9817 0292 or to talk to one of our caring customer service team to discuss your options.

Free delivery? Sign me up now!

Did you know that Aceco Appliance Rentals offer a 100% free delivery and installation service, to your front door at a time that suits you? What about if we told you that we’ll pick up the appliance at the end of your hire period for free too? Would you believe us? We believe in value for money for our customers and want to make it easy on you to get your appliance in place – without any hidden surprise costs!

No need to wait until you move house

Are you waiting until you move house to hire a fridge or a washing machine for yourself apartment? At Aceco, it’s important to us that we make your life easy, so we offer a full transport service for your hired appliances to your new residence – no need to wait until you move to get your clothes washed and clean. Hire an appliance now and let us take care of the transit. If you are moving to a place that needs a different appliance then you have rented for now, we can organise to trade the machines when you move, to keep your life running smoothly. If you use a professional removalist team, we ask that you please notify us of your change in address to update all paperwork on our end.

Aceco Appliance Rentals are your local trusted name in the Inner West appliance rental industry. With over 15 years experience servicing the people of Sydney and have numerous happy customers that love our value for money products, free delivery and collection and after sales support. Hire a fridge, washing machine, dryer or microwave from us today! Call us on 9817 0292 or email us at to resolve your appliance issue fast!