North Shore Appliance Rentals

Are you living on the North Shore and looking for an appliance rentals company that will drop off your rented fridge at a time that suits you? Enter Aceco Rentals – your local appliance rentals company – who offer excellent service to make your life more convenient.

Fridge Rental Chatswood

Have you just moved into a property without appliances and need a fridge fast? Do you live by yourself or in a share house temporarily and need an economical solution for the space in the kitchen that works now, but might change? Are you looking to avoid the commitment of owning a fridge due to your changing work arrangements and lifestyle?


On the North Shore short term?

Sydney is a large city with people from all types of situations, including short term contract work, secondments, work placements, international students and a host of other short term living arrangements. It makes sense to hire appliances for short term use, rather than spend large sums of money to solve a temporary need. Let us fill the void by providing your whitegoods at great prices for flexible hire periods. Call us on 9817 0292 to organise your appliance hire and delivery to the North Shore today.

Has your washing machine just gone passed repairable?


Sometimes life gives you lemons – and believe us, it rarely comes at a convenient time. Has one of your appliances decided to check out permanently, beyond the helpful hands of a repairman? Are you considering what to purchase next, but not ready to make that commitment or want to avoid the large outlay of money at this point. Why not hire an appliance in the interim. You don’t need to go without the convenience of an in home appliance when there are great value for money hire options at your disposal. Enter Aceco – your North Shore appliance hire specialists – ready to save the day (and your money).

Considering a move?

There are so many great places to live in Sydney, it would be crazy not to look around and experience the different lifestyles of our city. Moving house need not be a stressor for you, so if you aren’t hiring a professional removalist – we’re here to help you transport your hired white goods. Everyone has a friend with a ute or a van that won’t help us move and it’s a total stretch asking them to show up AND cart a heavy fridge down the stairs and then back up at the other end of the move.


We work with you to move the appliances and reinstall them at the new place so you are ready to wash, and store food again as fast as possible- all of this for FREE! Our removalists have experience and equipment to make the job easy and save your surfaces and back from any damage that lifting heavy appliances can do. Take out the risk of hurting yourself, your bond, and your friendships.

We also have a swap over service if your new residence won’t fit your current appliance. Call us on 9817 0292 to coordinate the swap over to an appliance that fits in the new space.