Front Loader vs. Top Loader Washing Machines

Ah, the old top loader vs front loader washing machine debate! This has been a hot topic for decades, with many people feeling very strongly about why one option is better than the other. In our opinion, both top loader and front loader washers are great. At the end of the day, the purpose of a washing machine is to get your clothes clean, and both models will definitely do this! But there are some key differences between the two types, and we know many of our customers prefer to rent one type of washing machine over the other.

Here are some of the key differences when thinking about front loader vs top loader washing machines, and why one type might be more suitable for your lifestyle…

The difference between top loader and front loader washing machines:

front loader vs top loader washing machine

Flexible yogi vs bad back Betty

One of the most obvious differences between front loading and top loading machines is the position of the door. If you don’t mind doing a little down-face dog, a front loader will be totally fine. But if the thought of bending down a lot makes your back go into a pre-emptive spasm, a top loader will be much more up your alley.

It may seem like a superficial difference. However, if you’re someone who suffers from back issues, or simply a busy family washing multiple loads per week, the convenience of getting your washing in and out of the machine will be a key consideration.

Efficiency – Green warrior vs time chaser

It’s no great secret that top loaders are the more energy and water friendly option. The efficiency gap between top loader vs front loader machines has actually gotten a lot smaller in recent years, with the modern top loader models having a much better efficiency rating than they used to. But there is still a difference. Standard comparisons between top and front loader washers show that front loaders are still, on average, more efficient for both water and energy.

We know the water and energy efficiency of front loaders can be a huge pull for our green-minded customers. In saying that, we also know that for large, busy families, the slower cycle time of the front  loader makes it less-efficient in their day-to-day lives.

While top loaders can run a standard cycle in as little as 30 minutes, front loaders usually take between 1.5 to 2 hours. This is due to the clothes being constantly immersed in the water with a top loader, unlike in the water-saving front loader. Another small but crucial difference that makes top loaders more life-efficient is that you have the option to stop the machine mid-cycle. No more lonely socks or t-shirts left on the laundry floor!

When Size Matters

An important thing to think about when choosing between a front loading vs top loading washing machine is how much space you have. Do you live in a small apartment with a euro-style laundry tucked in the corner? Or do you have a large family home with plenty of space? Most front loading washers are smaller and can be stacked with a companion dryer, making it a great option when floor space is at a premium.

The size and frequency of your washing loads is also something you will need to consider. If you’re in a one or two person household, a front loading washing is probably plenty big enough to handle your average load size. However, top loader machines often have much larger capacities — up to 10kg — which make them a better choice for larger families who need to wash more clothes, more often.


Here at ACECO, we don’t discriminate. We love all our washing machines equally! But there are some key things to consider when tossing up between a top loader vs front loader washer. Depending on your individual circumstances, you will most likely find one model better suits you than the other. If you’d like to know more about the features of any of our machines, or would like to discuss our rental options, get in touch with the team at ACECO today. We deliver and install for free!

By Lenay