The advantages of renting appliances for the elderly

Getting old isn’t what it used to be. The fast-paced modern world, and the rise of age-related health issues, can present challenges for the elderly in our community – and their loved ones.

Ageing often involves lifestyle changes: from moving closer to family, to downsizing the family home, and potentially entering aged care facilities. One simple way that can help make these life-changing transitions easier for the elderly and their loved ones is by lowering the difficulty of these transitions before time becomes a stressor. If the time has come to downsize for your elderly friend or relative, it might be time to consider the advantages of renting appliances for senior citizens.

How can renting appliances can make life easier for the elderly?

advantages of renting appliances

Make their daily life easier – without an expensive outlay

While some senior citizens embrace the ageing process and fiercely maintain their fitness and independence, this isn’t the case for all. For those who may be frail or less mobile than they were in their younger years, the daily grind of housework can be difficult.

If daily chores are a struggle for your elderly relative or friend, but they’d rather not have a carer do it for them, the answer may lie in updating some of their appliances with more user-friendly models. Those with a bad back and a front-load washing machine may find life far easier with a top-loader that prevents bending over, for instance. A senior citizen living alone on a tight budget might find that upgrading to a newer, smaller, or more energy-efficient fridge or washing machine can help cut down on energy and water bills. Just be sure to involve your elderly loved one in the process to ensure they’re happy with the newer model.


Bring peace of mind with support and servicing

Another potential improvement that rental appliances could bring for the elderly lies in the sense of security that comes with having someone on call in the unlikely event of an appliance needing repair or maintenance. Whether it’s a washing machine spitting out water or a fridge that’s stopped working – sometimes these things happen.

For an older person who owns their appliances, fixing these mishaps can involve forking out hundreds of dollars in repairs, not to mention the hassle involved in arranging both a repairperson and makeshift solution in the meantime.

Appliances hired through Aceco Rentals, not only come with servicing, but also support over the phone in the unlikely event of damage (and if necessary a full replacement with the closest possible option). This can save both the elderly and their carers or families time, money and many a headache, providing greater peace of mind.


A stress-free option for the big move

As a potentially temporary commitment, rental appliances can also be ideal for any readjustments in lifestyle an older person may make. Whether a senior citizen in your life plans to downsize into a granny flat, or move into an aged care facility, rental appliances can help make for a drama-free move and easier, smoother transition into their new lives.

When renting appliances, it’s easy (and, with Aceco Rentals, free of charge) to swap to a smaller machine better suited to a new living space. There are also none of the hefty upfront costs involved in buying white goods outright, nor the hassle of selling them if moving into a home where they’re no longer needed.

Renting appliances can offer many benefits for the elderly and their families, particularly those going through major life changes in their old-age. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with the team at Aceco today.

By Lenay