How to organise your fridge this Christmas

The silly season is right around the corner and this means that your family fridge is going to be working overtime. Taking a short term fridge rental over the holiday period can be a great way to solve the problem. Whether it’s a beer fridge for your garage, or a second fridge for your kitchen, having the extra cooling space will come in very handy on those hot summer days.

From hosting summer parties, having visitors stay from out of town, to the all-important Christmas meal itself, the amount of food and beverages that need to be kept cool during this period can put even the largest refrigerator to the test. Knowing how to best organise your fridge will make the world of difference.

Here’s some of our handy tips for how to organise your fridge this Christmas

Clear and clean:

No matter how well organised your fridge might be, chances are there are probably some forgotten items lurking on those shelves. Before the madness of Christmas hits, it’s a great idea to give your fridge a thorough clear out, throwing out anything that’s outdated or doubled up. Use anti-bacterial spray and wipes toclean the shelves and drawers before restocking with goodies.

Food zones to keep your fridge organised:

Having dedicated ‘food zones’ in your fridge will make it a lot easier for you to organise your fridge, and to keep on top of what food you’ve got in there. Dairy items like sour cream, milk and cottage cheese should all be placed on the bottom shelf toward the back, where the fridge is coldest. Eggs do best on the middle shelf, which maintains a median temperature. Be sure to place all raw and packaged meat within a bottom drawer, where it’s cold and to prevent any juices from leaking and spreading onto other foods.

Keep your beverages extra cool in a second fridge:


Beverages take up a huge amount of space in your refrigerator. Over the holiday period, when we’re off work and entertaining guests more often than usual, having a range of chilled beverages on hand is a must. Renting a second fridge to stock your beverages will make it easier to keep your kitchen fridge well organised, and also means you can set the temperature a little cooler to keep that bottle of Rose chilled to perfection.

Where is best to store the ham to make it last?

If there’s one thing better than Christmas lunch, it’s enjoying the delicious leftovers in the days that follow! Your Christmas ham can last for over a week if you look after it correctly – remove it from any plastic wrapping and wrap it in a tea towel that’s been soaked in water and vinegar, and make sure you store it in the coolest part of your fridge, on the bottom shelf towards the back.

Freeze What You Can

A key part of a well-organised fridge is making proper use of your freezer. Use freezer bags to keep frozen foods fresher for longer, and stack boxes according to how long you think they will be stored – things that need to be eaten sooner should be in plain sight so you don’t forget them. You can even freeze your Christmas dinner leftovers – cooked turkey or chicken will last up to two months in the freezer. Simply take the meat off the bone, and wrap the meat in plastic wrap then foil before placing in a freezer bag. Great for sandwiches and picnics!

In the whirlwind lead up to the holiday season, having a well organised fridge will make the world of difference. If you think you might need extra refrigeration over the Christmas period, talk to the team at ACECO today about short term fridge rentals – from as little as one month!

By Lenay