You’re about to have a broken washing machine if..

Did you know that the average Australian family washes more than 400 loads per year? We rely on our household appliances every day, and having your washing machine give up the ghost can be extremely frustrating. If you’re renting a washing machine from ACECO, we’ll be able to repair or replace your machine in no time at all, but if you own your machine you could be really left in the lurch. Do you fork out for a new one? How much will repairs cost, and how long will they take? And most importantly, what will you do in the interim?

Our short term washing machine rentals could be the ideal solution to get you through a sticky situation, helping you keep up with your laundering needs and giving you some breathing space to figure out what your next step will be.

You’re about to have a broken washing machine if:

Broken washing machine is coming for you

Being able to recognise the warning signs of a faulty machine will also help you be more prepared. Keep your eyes out for these symptoms, and get in touch with our team to discuss a short term washing machine rental if this sounds like it could be you.

Leaking machine:

There are plenty of reasons why your washing machine might leak and not all of them are a major issue. It might be simply a loose water hose or a pipe that needs tightening, which can be easily fixed. But a leaking machine could also be an indication of a more major problem, like a cracked tub. If your tub is cracked you will need to repair or replace your machine pronto – the longer you leave it, the worse it will get and you could find yourself dealing with a flood and serious water damage to your home.

Old machines:

Most newer washers have a lifespan of up to 14 years, however if your machine is nearing the eight-year mark it’s probably about time to start thinking about a replacement. As machines get older they often become more expensive and difficult to fix, and parts can be harder to find. Forking out for a new machine is a big investment. There are so many makes and models available on the market these days, and it pays to take the time to really do your research. Renting a short-term washing machine from ACECO while you conduct your research and get your finances in order might be the ideal solution.

Excessive noise or violent shaking:

While a certain amount of noise from your washer is totally normal, If your machine sounds like it’s about to launch to the moon during the spin cycle you might have a serious problem. It could be a matter of balance – try rearranging the items in the machine so they’re evenly dispersed, and make sure that your machine is on an even surface. But if these tips don’t fix the problem, you most likely have a bigger issue on your hands. Excessive noise and vibration could be caused by a loose drum or motor mount inside your washer, which can be very difficult to access. You can attempt to have your machine fixed, but with older machines the repair costs often mean that it’s smarter to spend your money on a new machine instead, or rent one instead.

The drum isn’t turning:

If your washing machine drum isn’t spinning it could be an issue with the a belt or the lid switch. A faulty belt can usually be fixed by a serviceman, however if your problem is with the lid switch it could require a great deal of work to remedy. Given how expensive repairs can be, it may be more worthwhile for you to replace your machine altogether – especially if it’s an older model. If you are sending your machine for significant repairs or need to purchase a new one, the team at ACECO can help you in the interim with a short term washing machine rental.

Not draining:

After it has completed its spin cycle, your washing machine should be empty of all standing water. If you open the lid to find there is still water left in the tub it might be simply a clog in your drain or pipe, which could be easily fixed. However, if the draining issue is due to a cracked drain pipe you might need significant repairs or a new machine. Continuing to use a machine with a fractured drain pipe can lead to serious flooding and damage to your home.
While it may feel like your washing machine just ‘up and died’ without any warning, there usually are signs that your machine is heading towards disaster. If you think your machine is about to go kaput, get in touch with the ACECO team and we’ll arrange a short-term rental washing machine for you so you’ll never be left in the lurch. We deliver and install free of charge.

By Lenay