Preparing to host the best winter sports season ever

The Winter sporting season is upon us, and with it come full stadiums of jumper wearing sporting fans, braving the chilly Sydney weather to root for their team. Yet for those who don’t enjoy the long lines for a beer, the big crowds at exit and the difficulty with transport – fear not. You CAN have your mates over for the footy and a cold beer for every attendee with a short term fridge rental – and a happy wife.

Sure – you think it’s a bit absurd to suggest renting a fridge for the sporting season – but what about all those annoying live sport attendance factors we spoke about above? Nothing says “fun” like trying to get home from Homebush stadium – especially if your team lost!

short term fridge rentals

Is it really necessary to rent a fridge short term?

The chilly weather and inconvenience aside, a die hard fan wants to catch the game from the best angles – which normally means wide screen, in the convenience of your own home. That means ample snacks, a warm pie in the oven and a cold beer at the ready.

But there’s not always space for your mates beers in the fridge, is there? By the time you’ve squashed all your groceries and stacked beverages haphazardly, you could have rented a beer fridge to get you through the sporting season. Playing host to your mates for any of the key sporting events of 2016.

Hosting a house full of keen sports fans for any of these events?

Set to be a big year of sport, 2016 will see faces glued to telly’s Australia wide to catch the historical moment that Messi scored another hat trick, or a try was scored from the 80m line. Surely if you’re as into sport as we are, you’ll want to be ready to watch the biggest (and less large – who are we kidding!) games of the season. Click any of the links in the list below to get the fixtures for the top 5 sporting events this year:

You’ll want to ensure you have the space to play host, without the crisper and cheese bins stuffed full of stubbies. Better than an esky, a rented fridge is prepared to keep drinks and snacks cold for the duration of the season – whichever your sport!

I’ll just buy one second hand.

We’ve all heard that before… “Gumtree can sell you a second hand fridge for peanuts.”

But by the time you add up the cost of the fridge, collecting or delivering the fridge, and hauling it up the stairs, you could find out it is a lemon. For a totally affordable low cost, you could easily have a fridge delivered to your door, that is guaranteed to do its job for the entirety of your 3 season loan. Sound too good to be true? Why not consider getting your cold beer delivered and opt for the most convenient sporting season of your life!

So you’ve already figured out you want to hire a fridge this sporting season, and know to call Aceco Rentals for your short term fridge rental needs. With minimum loans of 3 months, you’ll find the pricing competitive and the service beyond your wildest expectations. You might even decide to keep your “social” fridge for the long haul! For order requests, fill out our easy contact form, or you can call our Sydney office to talk about your needs direct on 9817 0292.

By Lenay