Which washing machine powder is best?

Clean, pleasant smelling clothes are one of those simple pleasures – in the same league as getting into a bed made with clean sheets or the aroma of Mum’s cooking. Aceco’s washing machine rentals will ensure you can wash your clothes at home without the inconvenience of using a laundromat; but if you want a specific smell, stain removal, quick wash or have a front loading washing machine, you’ll need to do a bit of research for which laundry powder or liquid is best.

Aceco provides affordable, flexible washing machine rentals and we won’t stop there– let us help you choose the right washing powder or liquid for you by answering some questions that we often get asked by our customers.


I use a front loading machine, can I use any washing powder?

Unfortunately not. A front loader requires a low-sudsing powder or liquid to avoid damaging the machine or causing a very foamy wash cycle (think suds, suds everywhere!!) There are a wide range of suitable washing powders and liquids at the supermarket that are marked for Front Loader washing machines. Make sure you check the packaging before purchase to avoid any problems for your washing machine rental. It’s also important to follow the instructions on how much to use, as it is often far less than top loaders!


I like to do quick loads and use the 30 minute cycle, which powder is going to work in a short time-frame?

We offer the convenience and luxury of quick cycles on many of our washing machine rentals. If it’s a quick wash you want then you need to be using a highly efficient powder or liquid. Choosing a concentrated formula is recommended for quick washes. Pre-treating stains  before washing is also a good idea.


Liquid or powder for stain removal?

While a liquid detergent can double as a pre-wash stain treatment, a powder is generally more effective for day-to-day use and powders are slightly cheaper per load. If you are using powder and have a particularly nasty stain try mixing a little water with the powder to create a paste and apply to the stain for 30 minutes pre-wash. Check out some user reviews to help you decide.


Can I make my own washing powder?

Yes. In fact making your own powder is quick and cheap. The combination of bicarb soda, a bar of soap and washing soda (lectic soda) will make an effective washing liquid when mixed with boiling water. You can even choose the scent you like best and add that in too!


I’m using washing powder but my Front Loader has a musty smell!

Don’t worry, we believe you. Sometimes your washing machine rental can take on a mildewy smell due to water getting caught in and around the door seal and detergent dispenser. You can fix this quickly and cheaply by mixing some vinegar and baking soda and using a toothbrush to give the little crevices a good scrub. Make sure you hang out loads soon after the cycle is finished and leave the door ajar to allow the inside of the machine to dry.


I’m thinking of using the grey water run-off from my washing machine rental on the garden, will this affect my washing detergent choice?

If you’re going to use the water run off from your washing machine rental then you will need to pick a washing powder or liquid that is suitable for the garden. The better performing eco-friendly detergents for top loaders include Earth Choice Liquid and Trimat 2x sensitive liquid. If you’re using a front loader washing machine the best choice for your grey water is OMO with built-in pretreaters liquid.


Now that you’re a washing detergent aficionado it’s time to rent a washing machine. Contact Aceco to organise your free washing machine rental delivery and installation. Alternatively send us an email and we can help you with any of your queries.

By Lenay